Colonel Kev Ted

Meet Colonel Kev Ted

Colonel Kev Ted is fast becoming a well known addition to the Go Commando team and always attends events with us. Kids love him, the Royal Marines salute him and the ladies want to be photographed with him ! All in all he is a great ambassador for our charity. The friendly ted also is a great way associating children with the Royal Marine Corps and Col Kev has his own merchandise range of tshirts, kit bags and colouring books too.

Colonel Kev

Furthermore Col Kev is always up for a challenge and fundraising and has completed an abseil with 42 Cdo RM and proudly carried the match trophy and ball to the 2014 RM v Para Rugby Match via Lynx Helicopter. We are astounded by the requests for him to attend events and even RM weddings !. Let us know if you would like Colonel Kev Ted to attend your own function or event and we will do our best to get him there .

Action Ted



Colonel Kev

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