Go Commando recognise that many families do not live on base and many others move frequently around the country with their partner. We hope that through this website, wives, girlfriends and mothers will be able to access a network of support; information and opportunity. It is an evolving site and we would ask you to give us your ideas and to keep coming back, so the website can be constantly updated...

Helping Individuals

Go Commando aims to offer discretional grants to individuals for education, training or childcare and will invite applications. If we can’t help, we will try to find someone who can. Go Commando works closely with the unit Welfare offices, The Royal British Legion and The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund.



'I am a marine wife and a mum, but no one asks me how I am or what I can do. It’s refreshing to have an organisation devoted to supporting families. For the first time, I’m being asked about me. Finally, someone recognises the potential and needs of talented, able women who happen to be married to a Royal Marine.' (Anon)

'Thank you so much to Go Commando for a great Families Day! It was just the tonic for us with my husband away and two small children to keep amused. It was lovely to see so many other friends and families in a setting that provided all the entertainment for both the grownups and the children. An enjoyable and invaluable service, thank you again.' (Juliet Lynch)

'With an energetic toddler and hungry newborn to juggle while their dad's away, I was delighted to have a family-friendly event to go to with enough happening to keep my little girl entertained for a whole day. It was also a great place to meet up with other people in the same boat, not to mention a chance to enjoy someone else's cooking – the Hog Roast was gorgeous! Thank you Go Commando.' (Emily Brough)



Colonel Kev

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