The Brambles Children’s Day Nursery, initiated, sponsored and supported by Go Commando, is going from strength to strength as more and more children join us. If you are interested in a place for your child, register him or her quickly as we are rapidly filling up!

We continue to work to establish excellent resources and provision for the children in our care and as a result we have been fortunate to receive a grant of £10,000 from the Big Lottery Community Fund. This together with £5,000 from The Army Fund and £500 from the Taunton Freemasons means we are in a position to start developing the Nursery Adventure Garden.

We are working with Adrian Morris to provide an outside space with all kinds of opportunities for all our children to explore the outdoor environment. Our Nursery managers understand the value of children being outside. They too are committed to children exploring their world, understanding how things grow and challenging themselves physically.  Great news – work will start on Monday 21st January!

Phase 1 will include a range of different surfaces to explore and find out which is best for running on, riding a bike or scooter on or doing heads over heels on. The surfaces will include all weather artificial grass for all year round activities, pathways around the garden and bonded wood chip surfaces under exploring, balancing and climbing structures.

In addition we will have low level exploratory apparatus to safely test the physical abilities of even the youngest children. There will be a complex balancing structure where the children can learn to balance and take risks safely. A number of child sized houses to stimulate the imagination will complete Phase 1.

As this part of the Nursery is established, our plan is to start raising funds for Phase 2. If you have an idea for a fundraising event, please do contact us!