The life blood of any charity is its ability to encourage others to support it. As a nation, the British are fantastic at supporting worthy causes, giving an estimated £10.6 billion each year to charity. Most of us are influenced by the events in our lives.

Go Commando is run by a group of volunteers from varied backgrounds. Our mission is to provide support to the Royal Marines and their families. There are many military charities offering a wealth of support and services. Our own focus is on the needs of the family.

As a country, we are not on a war footing, yet every day many of our young men are in conflict around the globe or away on training exercise. When necessary, they are risking their lives and their families are living in a climate of unrest, uncertainty, worry; separation and stress: this is in addition to the normal daily pressures of juggling work, children and family encountered by us all.

In this section, we have listed a variety of ways in which you can support our efforts: every penny makes a real difference, so please don’t feel that you have to organise a massive event. Every contribution is highly valued. So read on and, if you feel that you can make a difference, Go For It, with Go Commando!



Colonel Kev

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