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Leaving a Legacy to Go Commando

It couldn’t be easier to remember Go Commando in your will. If it’s something you are considering, we hope the following guide will help you.

The first thing to remember is that any amount, no matter how modest, will be greatly welcomed. Leaving a legacy to a charity in your will is not just for the rich and famous. However, if you do have a significant estate, you will be relieved to know that charitable legacies are free from inheritance tax.

There are three ways you can leave a legacy to Go Commando:

  1. Pecuniary Legacy
  2. Residuary Legacy
  3. Specific Legacy

Please don’t be alarmed by the legal jargon, it’s easily explained!

  1. A pecuniary legacy just means that you leave a set amount of money to Go Commando in the event of your death. There’s no minimum amount for the legacy to be valid. This is probably the easiest form of legacy to consider.
  2. A residuary legacy means that you leave a percentage of your ‘estate’ (the legal term for all of your assets added together) to the charity. The bonus for Go Commando is that if you live for a very long time after writing your will, the legacy will retain its value.
  3. A specific legacy  info@gocommando.org.uk



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