Could YOU do a family charity event for Go Commando?

Have you ever thought about doing a family charity event? Go Commando, whose charity objects are centred on the family, helps sponsor family fund raising challenges throughout the country and abroad. The challenge can be anything from a country ramble, a mud run, a 5km run through to a marathon or an Iron Man/ Woman challenge. All the family don’t have to take part, but can help as the support team.

Go Commando will help with T-shirts, logos and publicity through Facebook and their website. Laura, our ‘Challenge Expert’ will give help and advice. There is no pressure to raise lots of money – the charity is happy to just cover its costs. Participation in family challenges develops self reliance, ambition, organisational and inter-personal skills, as well as physical fitness. It brings families closer together – and are great fun!!! Why not contact Laura at to start your family challenge! Remember – it pays to plan well ahead…….

This is Sarah’s family challenge. Sarah was the runner – all the rest were the support team!!